• How to Make Seedbombs Video with Food is Free

    Posted on May 6, 2014 by in Food is Free Blog

    We finished up our seedbomb video and had a blast painting our neighborhood in food and wildflowers. I forgot how much fun a slingshot can be, and it’s even better when you’re launching seedbombs but still get to the rush of being a ninja.

    Learn how to make seedbombs with The Food is Free Project and start painting your community with flowers and food.

    Seedbomb Recipe:
    5 parts clay soil (sifted)
    5 parts compost (sifted)
    1 part organic or heirloom seeds

    Mix in a bowl and add a bit of water until you can compress gumball sized pellets in the palm of your hand and let them dry for a couple days.

    Toss them out anywhere you’d like to beautify with food and flowers. Consider places that don’t get mowed and they will sit dormant until the rain установка кондиционеров недорого в могилевской области comes

    Watch the Story of Food is Free and how we lined our block in front yard community gardens: http://youtu.be/KlC-4MgfICU


    Onward and upward,

    John and the Folks at Food is Free Project

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