Get Involved

Thanks for sharing the vision and taking action in your community. We’re all in this together!

Food is Free Project is an open-source project so we encourage you to take the first step to start a Food is Free Project in your community.

It all starts with that first garden and from there things will evolve and grow. Stay in touch and let us know if we can offer advice.

Plant a garden in your front yard or if you don’t have a yard grow some container veggies and set up a #foodisfree sharing table.

Our actions ripple out and inspire others and this movement will grow like wildflowers. Share your #foodisfree photos with us and remember that together our ripples create waves of change.

Check out our PDF guide on “How to Start a Food is Free Project” to get started.

5 Steps to start growing food, sharing the harvest and building community 

Start a Food is Free Project in Your City