• Planting Seeds and Thoughts

    Posted on January 3, 2013 by in Food is Free Blog

    Looked up from the garden to see the most gorgeous sunset.

    I just got inside from working the soil all day and planting seeds. I don’t know what it is, but I’d much rather be out working in the cold than in the summer heat. This is such an exciting time of year. On the surface so much dies off with the freeze, but getting my hands dirty today, I could feel the transition. Life really doesn’t begin or end at any given point, but merely changes form. Everything is connected and we’re all part of a beautiful cycle. In the garden that truth is hard to miss if you take the time to slow down and observe a bit. Not only does the cold offer us a time to go inside our homes, but a chance to go inside our true self and ask what it is that we want to spring to life in the next revolution around our big red sun.

    What a sun indeed. I looked up tonight while the sun was setting to see the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in a while. It’s funny how something that happens every single day of existence never ceases to get old to me. It’s just so unique each day and it is that fresh perspective that inspires me to continue observing nature through the eyes of a child, in awe of the subtle magic that surrounds us.

    This is also the time of New Years resolutions which I think are wonderful, but this year I’ve been thinking a lot more about why we cling to this idea that there is some huge separation between December 31st and January 1. For some odd reason those two days feel so far apart, when the truth is that each day that the Earth completes a full rotation is a chance for a fresh start whether it be in the garden or in our personal or professional lives.

    Picking up leaves from all the folks who are getting rid of perfectly good compost material. This is why we need to start a community composting program on every block. Keep the resources куплю кондиционер в витебске local

    I offer that with each sunrise, we recognize opportunity to start fresh and create a life around us that excites us, as well as connect and build a community that supports us. We must be here for each other, now more than ever and it is in these small moments that big decisions are made about how we choose to live our lives with those around us. With that being said, be well and we’ve got some big things up our sleeves to share in 2013!


    Onward and upward through the fog!

    Growing Together,


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