• Our First Webisode: A Day in the Life

    Posted on January 15, 2013 by in Food is Free Blog

    So we’ve joked about how we need to get a documentary film crew to just follow us around and capture all the magic, music, workshops and more, but usually the conversation just kinda ends there. We had somewhat of a realization however; what if we just started filming each other and actually making little mini-episodes of the fun we have and the lives we uplift. Well, here is the first one. Hope you enjoy.

    We’ve got a lot of awesome projects and videos coming to you soon, so stay in the кондиционеры инверторные купить в витебске loop If you don’t follow us online, do it. 😉


    and did you know that we(The Johns) have a rockin band called Mighty Mountain that spreads positivity and invites people to play? Follow us too!


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