• It Starts With a Smile

    Posted on May 31, 2012 by in Food is Free Blog

    This is an invitation. An invitation to be the catalyst in your little piece of the world.

    We often can’t fathom how far the ripple of our influence travels. Take a minute to ask yourself, “What kind of waves am I making? 

    Today, turn your attention away from yourself and your own problems to the world around you, to the Earth under your feet, to your local community, to your friends, to the strangers who live around you, to your loved ones. Discover what you can do to make that world in which you live a better place. These things are very simple, actually.


    It could be a smile, a wave, a comforting word, offering food to someone who is hungry or turning off your television and playing with your children or pets. It could be planting a garden or a fruit tree. The list of opportunities to affect the world that is right around you is endless, and then you will find yourself reconnecting to your local community.

    There is power in simplicity. When we focus our energy and intention to improve the lives around us, our life gets better too. It’s funny how it works. Like a cosmic inside joke. There is almost a silly kind of selfishness in selflessness. When we take the pressure off trying so hard to make our own life better, but rather to improve and uplift the lives of others, our life cannot help but also be lifted. It feels good to give.

    When we move to a place of allowing and letting things happen instead of trying to make them happen, so many more doors begin to open. When we started Food is Free on our block, we never twisted anyone’s arm to host a free front yard community garden. We simply went door-to-door, letting folks know our vision and asked who was on board. Though it started with just a few gardens on our block, now the majority of houses on our street host a Food is Free garden. How cool is that? You are in the MINORITY if you don’t have a front yard community garden on our block.

    When we focus on our immediate sphere of influence(our self, friends, neighbors, street), our actions have an impact that reaches farther than we can imagine. Start small, let things happen and unfold organically. Whatever you are inspired to share with the world, do it graciously and take one step and a time. Invite those around you to participate because you never know who you may inspire. Life is magical, and quite a gift. When we remain in a state of gratitude, the world will smile back.

    Go out and take one small step today to uplift your little world, because in reality, that’s the only thing that will every change our shared магазин кондиционеров в могилевской области world

    Make it a great day,

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