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    Posted on May 21, 2012 by in Food is Free Blog

    A wicking bed garden going in on top of cement! There's no place food can't be grown.

    This weekend we lined the first street in East Austin with Food is Free gardens. A makeover of sorts, bringing neighbors together, and turning strangers into friends. By the end of the weekend, the Food is Free Project helped plant seeds of community and local food, capturing the magic on film for an upcoming documentary.

    We have teamed up with Fiege Films to document the transformation of a city block using Food is Free’s model of growing food and community. We’re excited to share this unfolding in a medium that can truly express that so much more grows in the garden than what is planted.

    A month ago, we started out by knocking on doors on E. 38th street to invite them to a wicking bed garden workshop where folks could sign up to host a front yard community garden, ending the evening in a potluck. Over 20 neighbors showing up from the block!


    Our mobile garden brigade!

    After putting up the first 2 gardens on the street for the workshop, we put up a white board where neighbors could sign up to host one if they missed the кондиционеры лг в могилеве workshop This past weekend, we did something we’ve never done before, back-to-back workdays, building and installing 12 front yard gardens in just 2 days! We’re documenting our successes and hiccups to create open-source instructions on how you can do the same on your street using salvaged materials and the power of commUNITY.

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