• Let’s start lining the block in Gardens! Workday 3 (2/11/12)

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    This Saturday we will start lining Joe Sayers Ave with the garden beds we built last week. Our goal is to put front yard gardens in at 10 of the 40 houses on this block.
    Where: 5608 Joe Sayers Ave Austin, TX 78756
    When: 12-3pm(followed by a potluck)

    We will start the day with a Wicking Garden Bed Construction workshop.

    Then we’ll break off into garden brigades and start lining the block in front yard community gardens.

    We’ll follow the workday with a potluck so please bring a dish to share.

    ***Please post an idea of what you’ll be bringing to the link below so folks can prepare accordingly. 🙂


    This weekend we will start bringing the magic to the community, so you don’t wanna miss it.

    Bring a friend or neighbor and learn how we are going to transform Austin, block by block.

    We are currently seeking donations for:
    *6mm plastic liner
    *burlap sacks
    *organic garden soil
    *landscape fabric
    *old bed sheets
    *push broom

    We will lead a workshop on how to construct a wicking bed garden from start to finish. These are self watering gardens that are extremely efficient and easy to maintain.

    We will also have other art supplies and painting projects for kids to work on Food is Free signs for our plots.

    Why a Wicking Garden Bed?

    * Saves more than 50% of water compared to a conventional garden bed
    * It stays clear of weeds, root systems, invasive neighbors
    * The wicking effect causes continual automatic watering
    * Suitable for small patio space for those who live in apartment or townhome
    * Only water once every 2 weeks or less
    * Can be maintained by a low pressure water system, grey water drainage

    Please, join us and be part of something бытовые кондиционеры в могилевской области beautiful

    Looking forward to it!

    Building Gardens and Community

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