• Food is Free Potluck and FUNDAY!

    Posted on February 16, 2012 by in Food is Free Blog

    Come play this Saturday, Feb. 18th at Food is Free North Headquarters (5608 Joe Sayers Ave)! We’ve worked our tails off the past 3 Saturdays and it’s time to kick up our feet, socialize, sing songs, hula hoop, and get our arts and craft on!

    The farm gates will open at 1pm, and the potluck starts at 2pm!
    Please take 2 minutes to post the dish you’ll be┬ábringing here so we can have a smooth potluck:


    As of last Saturday, 1/3 of our pilot block on Joe Sayers is lined in front yard gardens for the community. Come walk the block and soak in the magic. Learn how to transform your block!

    Bring, hula hoops, frisbees, lawn chairs, games, instruments, hackeysacks etc…

    It’s a good time to show up if you haven’t yet and want to learn more – there will be lots of informal Q&A(Food is Free, wicking beds, aquaponics, chickens)

    Also, an excellent idea to form a box of community dishes for these workday potlucks was also discussed so if you’re inspired, bring a ‘dish to donate’ for our community potluck box.

    To clarify, you don’t have to have attended our workday to come play!


    Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces!

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