It's easy to start, plant a garden in your front yard and start meeting your neighbors.


Gather your neighbors and the (free) resources needed to line your block in community gardens. Organize over a potluck.

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Learn techniques like wicking bed gardening to make growing food easy and inspiring. Line your block in front yard gardens and share the harvest.

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Grow food in your gardens along with new relationships with your neighbors through your Food is Free project, and let the ripple continue to inspire others.

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What is Food is Free Project?

The Food is Free Project is a worldwide movement growing community and food. The first Food is Free garden was planted in 2012 in Austin, TX but has spread like wildflowers.

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Discovering The Power of a Front Yard Garden

The Food is Free Project started with one front yard garden. Less than 3 months later, 19 of the 30 houses our block hosted a front yard community garden. We created a new normal with food growing freely and we started meeting our neighbors. Within 6 months, the second Food is Free Project in Tasmania, Australia launched. This sparked a serious push to open-source the project.

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Food is Free Goes Worldwide

Now over 350 cities around the world have started Food is Free Projects and we invite you to start one in your community this season. It all starts with that first front yard garden or shared harvest. Let us know if we can offer any advice along the way and share your #foodisfree photos online. We're all in this together.

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The Story of #foodisfree

Learn how the first Food is Free Project sprouted in Austin, TX and how you can get started with your own #foodisfreeproject

“Never underestimate your power to inspire and affect your community around you. Even the smallest of acts can really ripple out.” - John VanDeusen Edwards, Founder of Food is Free Project